Our Story

Our Story

We are Katie and Bob, a happily married couple who is enjoying every moment of a healthy lifestyle, and we know first- hand how expensive it can be. We would love to see everyone enjoy a healthy life as much as we do, and we have figured out and created a more affordable way for everyone to do just that.


Inspiration strikes in unexpected places.


It was a beautiful Saturday morning and we had decided to spend the day mountain biking. When we got to the trail, we saw a van with some bikes strapped to the back… and an elderly couple effortlessly unloading them and getting ready to hit the trail. We chatted with them for a bit and found out they were retired and traveling from state to state in their van, hitting up the trails and soaking up life experiences. We were so impressed with their energy, enthusiasm, and overall great health. Wow, a couple in their 70’s, retired and on the move. Happy! Healthy! Living life to the fullest! This is the type of future we plan on having!

We kept thinking about them, and that night we decided that we wanted to do whatever we could to make it more affordable for others to maintain a healthy lifestyle right through to their golden years.







                                 And so The Primal Kingdom was born.



We know that buying what you need to stay healthy gets expensive. You're willing to pay a little more if that's what it takes, but wouldn't it be nice to save a little?

That's where The Primal Kingdom comes in. We track every purchase you make from our thousands of retail partners and you get cash back on every single purchase. Plus on top of that we have special coupons and deals with our merchants for even bigger savings. Just wait and see how quickly the savings add up! What are you going to do with all that extra cash?

Effortless savings are awesome. So is being able to browse over 1000 retailers offering everything from food and supplements, to fitness clothing, outdoor gear, beauty products, and even healthier options for your pets.

No more wasting time and gas traveling to different stores. No more dealing with traffic or waiting in long lines. Shop for everything you need in one spot, and have it sent directly to your front door. And we’re going to pay you for doing it!








Giving Back

At The Primal Kingdom, we believe health is contagious. If we teach our children to live a healthy life while they’re young, they will carry those skills throughout their lives.

In a world of processed food, sedentary lifestyles, and digital entertainment, these lessons are more important than ever. We need to educate our children early enough so we can empower them with the knowledge they need to thrive.

That's why we send a portion of every purchase you make to two incredible charities dedicated to teaching kids proper nutrition and fitness. A portion of your membership fee also goes to these charities, so you are making an impact the moment you sign up.

You aren't just saving money on the products you need, you are also helping to educate the younger generation with the tools they need for a brighter, healthier and more promising future.








Making Twice the Impact


As you have guessed by now our commitment to build a healthier future is a fundamental part of our business. It's one of the biggest reasons why we started The Primal Kingdom. To give something back.

Some of our retail partners (called Double Impact merchants) are also on board. Whenever you buy something from them, they donate a portion of every sale to charities they've chosen… on top of our donation.

This multiplies the impact you make. You get what you need for you and your family, and you also fund multiple charities who will then lead others to health.



At The Primal Kingdom you save money and help build a healthier future simply by buying the things you need to live a healthy lifestyle…all from the comfort of your own home.


Together we can make a tremendous impact on so many lives.